Wednesday 1 May 2013


I have received tons of emails from friends, fans and movie buffs about why I have not posted anything on my blog in a very long time. I want to sincerely apologize to everybody for the long break. I took some time off to do in-depth pre-production for my next project and I did a lot of script writing and re-writes.

It has indeed been a very refreshing experience for me and an unforgettable journey for me since January 2013 working and interacting with all the American filmmakers on different levels. I have had the pleasure of being tutored again on a whole new level of filmmaking and I must say that I feel truly blessed.

I have recently been obsessed with the RED SCARLET camera. Damn! This camera is amazing and actually shoots 4.5k at 24fps. You have to really work hard to "mess up your pictures" with this camera! If you know what you're doing, you just cannot go wrong. I will be talking to you more about this camera.

My professional career has taken a turn that has amazed even me and I have God to be grateful to for that. I will be sharing some of my research with you all in forth coming posts and will also be sharing some useful links and tips that will help young and new filmmakers. It is time to get up from your couch and make movies the way you want, how you “can”. Yes! How you don’t have a million dollars...use what you have.

I was also in London making a music video for a gospel singer who is also a very good friend and sister, JOY IBISA. This video shoot was a perfect example of making the most of very few gadgets so that your work can look like a million dollars even if you spend only a fraction of that.

I went to London with a couple of DSLR cameras (Canon 5D Mark II and 7D), two lights (of which I mostly used one), a shoulder rig, a slider, a tripod and some very good lenses. I definitely did not have a lot of time to do pre-production and hire a large crew but I thought this would be great way to show you guys how to use angles, lenses and compositions to get what you want. The entire video was shot in 2 days around London and post production took barely 3 days (tried to give myself a bit of a challenge). Mind you, I am a sucker or getting it right so please take your time to get it right!! Don’t rush it.  Hahaha!
Click on the link below to see the final video.

I am sending my love to everybody out there. Keep it real. Keep it locked right here because there is so much coming your way very soon.

In everything you do..always remember:

Click below to see I’VE GOT JOY video by JOY IBISA.


  1. Your fans deserve to hear from you about the recent news between u and stella.

    1. Mr or Miss anonymous why did you not mention ur name when u were asking that stupid question abt daniel and stella? peeps like u make me sick. does this look like linda ikeji's blog where gossip is d order of d day? guy is talking abt serious stuff here and u r asking abt his personal life matter. how is that ur business or ours?
      if u want gossip, go to the gossip bloggers. pls daniel kindly be censoring posts like this to keep this place as clean as we have always luvd it.

      Ehen daniel, thanks for d post. we have missed u here. waiting to hear all d gist abt ur nu projects.

    2. God will bless you Efe. yeye people like this derive pleasure in controversies and that is all they live for. they don't have alife of their own. how many times have they celebrated the good things that DaBishop has done? Abeg if you don't have anything to say, stop reading this blog.

    3. You are not a fan. You are just a mumu.

  2. Nice article...dude or dudette who commented before me, shut the fuck up.

    I'm not into fim making, but this made me believe all you need is what you currently have to work your way to getting to where you want to be.

    Nice one Bishop!

  3. Fredrick Azuh1 May 2013 at 14:20

    Great work dabishop wit d video. i love the aerial shots. Can you please explain how you got the shots or where dey stock footage? Tnx for helping us this process of filmmaking cos lots of established ppl like urself always make us small folks believewe can never make it to d top in a million yrs.

  4. I have been trying to write a comment since but it has just not been showing. Mr. Daniel please if it is a bug causing it, please try and fix it. Your loyal fans have missed you and we are glad you are back with something exciting to show us. The video is tight but i must say that as much as we have seen better videos in Nigeria, this is not bad at all. I would love to see this quality of picture and camera work reflected in Nigerian films. why is it that the films never look half as good as the music videos. all the asaba films have made me hate nigerian films that i would rather watch 20 videos from clarence peters back to back than watch 10 minutes of a nigerian film. i hope people like you will change the industry and make it better. at least revive it and make it prestigeous again.

  5. Aaron Welch II1 May 2013 at 14:46

    Nice work Daniel. Great to know you. I believe you are a very talented man and the sky is your limit. Working with you has been exceptional. Clear vision and clear focus. that is who you are.
    Good job with the video. Can't wait for our work to come out.

  6. Thanks for the honesty with how you shot the video Daniel. A lot of folks come out and lie about how they hired all sorts of gadgets to make their videos when we know it was just one bloody camera. They shoot cheap and hype all the nonsense and it still looks like crap.
    You make everything seem so piss easy even when we know its a lot of hard work.
    i respect you more for your honesty and sincere approach to this work.

  7. rubbish!!!!! Emptiness!!! Destruction at the endd

  8. You are the man,welldone. You are indeed very good at what you do. Nigeria is privileged to have men like you. Keep up the good work brother and feel no pressure to explain your personal life to no one. that anonymous blogger is a low-life. You owe him no explanation.

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  10. Daniel!!!!!!!! Go and return Doris' son o!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. My egbon of life, Good to hear from you, am working it smart with IT Sir, I remain loyal Sir.