Thursday 9 May 2013


Katung "Direktah" Aduwak

Heaven’s Hell is the true story of a Nigerian woman who stabbed her husband multiple times to death after, her claims, of many years of domestic violence; and that is only the tip of the iceberg!
As the movie shoot enters its fourth week, Katung Aduwak, the brain and force behind the movie, feels a responsibility to share this story.

With an impressive ensemble of some of Africa’s best actors (roll call: Bimbo Akintola, OC Ukeje, Nse Ikpe Etim, Damilola Adegbite, Gideon Okeke, Linda Ejiofor, and South Africa based actor, Fabian Lojede of the series- Jacob’s Cross), and an international production team led by Jeffery Smith who has worked with stars like Rihanna, Fergie, Al Pacino, Michelle Pfeiffer and handled productions of mega TV success like American Idol, Heaven’s Hell is set to raise the bar.
Chet Anekwe and Damilola Adegbite

Heaven’s Hell the true story of domestic violence and terror will capture one of the most shocking incidents of family pain and tragedy. “The aim is to use the movie to enlighten Africa- as it seems domestic violence is still handled with kid gloves in this part of the world. Ultimately I want Heaven’s Hell to liberate people. I want it to inspire someone to get out of a bad relationship…whatever it can accomplish to make the world a saner place,” Katung explains.

Katung Aduwak is no stranger to me and I believe that Nigeria will stand still for this young man as this is just a starting point for him. Katung won the first and only Big Brother Nigeria where starts like Gideon Okeke and Ebuka were discovered (or made). He also directed the video of the hit song "Superstar" by Ice Prince.

Katung Aduwak is the perfect example of how hard work, determination and humility will get you to the top.

Check out the behind-the-scene images…


Wednesday 1 May 2013


I have received tons of emails from friends, fans and movie buffs about why I have not posted anything on my blog in a very long time. I want to sincerely apologize to everybody for the long break. I took some time off to do in-depth pre-production for my next project and I did a lot of script writing and re-writes.

It has indeed been a very refreshing experience for me and an unforgettable journey for me since January 2013 working and interacting with all the American filmmakers on different levels. I have had the pleasure of being tutored again on a whole new level of filmmaking and I must say that I feel truly blessed.

I have recently been obsessed with the RED SCARLET camera. Damn! This camera is amazing and actually shoots 4.5k at 24fps. You have to really work hard to "mess up your pictures" with this camera! If you know what you're doing, you just cannot go wrong. I will be talking to you more about this camera.

My professional career has taken a turn that has amazed even me and I have God to be grateful to for that. I will be sharing some of my research with you all in forth coming posts and will also be sharing some useful links and tips that will help young and new filmmakers. It is time to get up from your couch and make movies the way you want, how you “can”. Yes! How you don’t have a million dollars...use what you have.

I was also in London making a music video for a gospel singer who is also a very good friend and sister, JOY IBISA. This video shoot was a perfect example of making the most of very few gadgets so that your work can look like a million dollars even if you spend only a fraction of that.

I went to London with a couple of DSLR cameras (Canon 5D Mark II and 7D), two lights (of which I mostly used one), a shoulder rig, a slider, a tripod and some very good lenses. I definitely did not have a lot of time to do pre-production and hire a large crew but I thought this would be great way to show you guys how to use angles, lenses and compositions to get what you want. The entire video was shot in 2 days around London and post production took barely 3 days (tried to give myself a bit of a challenge). Mind you, I am a sucker or getting it right so please take your time to get it right!! Don’t rush it.  Hahaha!
Click on the link below to see the final video.

I am sending my love to everybody out there. Keep it real. Keep it locked right here because there is so much coming your way very soon.

In everything you do..always remember:

Click below to see I’VE GOT JOY video by JOY IBISA.