Monday 31 December 2012


I am very happy indeed that God has spared our lives for us to see the end of another year. 2012 came with ups and downs, moments of tears and laughter, sadness and joy. This is a constant factor in life because even the bible said it that “unto everything is appointed a time and a season” (the book of Ecclesiastes). However, I will not fail to admit that 2012 has been the best year of my life. I have a better and stronger relationship with God, my son and my family. I discovered my “purpose” and was able to affect more lives than I ever have.

Clarence Peters at a music video shoot
I am a man who is notorious for not having any regrets in life and that has made me kept my sanity all my life. We all make mistakes but I believe that when the bible says “God will not give us more than we can bear”, it means that we WILL make the mistakes and go though the fire but God will calm us down and see us through; just make sure you learn a lesson as you fall or go through the storm. So instead of living with regrets, I think of the lessons learnt and I move on...hoping never to make such again.
I have great dreams for the Nigerian Motion picture industry in 2013. I expect bigger movies and super block busters from Nigerian Filmmakers. I am not a guy who is a prophet but I foresee some music video directors making feature length films in 2013. I do hope that people like Clarence Peters, Aje Films and Adasa will take some time off making music videos and look into making movies. Even if they are short films, I really don’t mind but that will definitely reposition the Nigerian movie industry. DJ Tee did a great job by collaborating with Funke Akindele as director of photography on The Return of Jenifa.

Majid Michel
I also foresee some “so-called” famous movie producers losing steam. Nigerian movie lovers are getting increasingly more enlightened and conscious about production value when it comes to movie making. You can’t keeping giving them the same kind of movies over and over again and expect your audiences not to get tired. If the game is not changed, these producers will go out of business.

The Viewers Choice Awards by MNET will take place in 2013 and people are predicting that this will upstage the acclaimed “African Oscars”...AMAA. Will this be the case in 2013? Our fingers are crossed and we are waiting. AMAA has made African filmmakers sit tight and set up a situation where filmmakers are shooting for Awards now. If there is anything to learn from this unfolding drama, AMAA get your act together and keep the ‘legacy’ you have established or else brace yourself for an extinction.

I want to say a huge thank you to all the Nigerian producers and directors that brought us great films in 2012. May God continue to increase your inspiration, wisdom and give you the resources to do bigger things in 2013. I also want to say thank you to all the actors who gave us spectacular and unforgettable performances in their films. I salute!!!

I never make new year resolutions. I don’t. I just make sure that I have a list of things I want to achieve for the year, I place them before God in prayers and as they happen I cross them off the list...simple! My list for 2013 is rather long and “ambitious”. Don’t laugh and do not expect me to tell you what’s on the list now but as it happens you will find out first right here. Maybe the first thing on my list is to get married to Oprah may never know! Yipeee!!

I want to wish everyone the very best in the New Year. May all your drams come true and may you find happiness in all the positive things you do. Don’t just expect a miracle,  go out and BE a miracle.


  1. Thank you so much Sir ... God bless you abundantly.

  2. Thank you for igniting hope in us.

    I know I will make impact this year by ALL MEANS!

  3. Daniel,you sure are an inspiration do this generation,following your successful exploits in the Nigerian entertainment arena,the movie sector in particular,has helped stenghten my believe in the Nigerain dream,but then its not yet UHURU,for even though the oil has been struck,it is yet to be refined,expecting groundbreaking feats from you this year.......Darlington mentor"

  4. Festus Adeyanju Samuel20 February 2013 at 02:56

    Hi Daniel. I am so happy that you started your blog and I have been following your messages. I feel so special knowing that you are a Nigerian. i am so proud of you amd I love your works. I noticed you have not written any posts lately. I guess you have been busy with work.

    Please remember us in your paradise and know that your silence means darkness for some people. Your words give us hope in an industry that is far fading away and deteriorating. We are waiting your words.